Happy days

Recently I thought everyone had forgotten how to smile. Was it the dark and gloomy days that were to blame or was it something else? Sometimes it is easier just to blame it all on the weather. Seasonal affective disorder or SAD for short. The days are slowly getting longer and soon Spring will arrive and with it the first signs of colour. The snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells. Can’t wait. This year I must try and visit Anitha during the spring. I usually miss the bluebell season and once only caught the tail end of it in the woods near her house in Kent.

Talking about smiles and cheery faces. Today my faith in humanity was restored. Bit of an exaggeration but still, it was lovely to hear and see some cheery folk. First came from an unexpected quarter. A phone call to my car insurers and I was greeted with this happy voice. Someone who seemed to enjoy his work and was very helpful.

Next was my local cafe. I’ve lived in Chigwell for over 25 years and yet have never been to this cafe. I had half an hour to kill in between appointments and nowhere to go. The cafe looked inviting. A quaint little place with friendly staff. The cheese and onion thingy which I ordered with my tea was quite tasty. The smile with which it was delivered made it all the more special. I will definitely try and come here more often.

Next stop the hair dressers, and another young one who was only too happy to make me another cup of tea. Normally I decline such offers. Trying to drink a hot cup of tea, while someone is cutting your hair, doesn’t usually work, but she asked as if she meant it and it was a lovely cup of tea.

Another appointment and another happy face. Is it only the young ones who seem happy these days. Maybe it is my imagination. The world is not too bad after all. Maybe there is still hope for all of us. Someone mentioned the word petrified today when they thought of the forthcoming Trump days and the direction the world was heading. Will positivity and cheery faces be enough to face the uncertain future. Well it’s a start and let us go forth with that thought.

I’m settling in to watch ‘La la land’ as we speak. They keep going on about it’s feel good factor. Let’s see if it actually is true. Last time that sentence was mentioned about a film, it was the film ‘Slumdog millionaire’. There was nothing feel good about that film. Hope this proves otherwise.

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