Hair washing and Lakshmi

Laughter rings out. It is the weekend and the house is alive once again. “I want to catch you ammamma”, Lakshmi repeats as she runs after me. It is a different story from the night before when she woke up in the middle of the night crying. Crying which turned into a coughing fit and ended up with Lakshmi bringing up her dinner. Each time I washed her and changed her clothes the cycle repeated till I ran out of night clothes. 

Finally she fell asleep exhausted. I was hoping for a lie in after all the washing and cleaning up. It was not meant to be. At seven o’clock sharp a tiny voice whispered in my ears “wakey, wakey” and there goes my Sunday morning lie in. 

Recently I showed Lakshmi a medley of Boney M songs on video. A video a friend shared with me. Now she is hooked. A hearty breakfast listening to her new favourite song ‘Daddy cool’ on repeat was just the cure for upset tummies. An energised Lakshmi was now chasing me around the house. I try to keep her occupied with something a little bit less strenuous and seat her down with her mum’s Lego collection. 

The afternoon saw a tired grandma try to catch forty winks while little Lakshmi prodded her and chatted incessantly. Dinner time arrived too quickly followed by bath time. A hair wash ended in screams. As I dried her and put on her night clothes I asked if she didn’t like ammamma anymore, “No” came the troubled reply. I tried to explain why I had to wash her hair. “Daddy washed it yesterday” she said, meaning that I didn’t have to do it again today. “But I had to get the sick out of your hair”. “Is there no hugs for ammamma today?” I asked worriedly. The little face lit up briefly and she gave me a hug, not a tight one as she normally does but still a hug to say that I am forgiven. 

It was time to drop her off home. By the time I reached her house she was fast asleep. As I handed her over to her mum, she woke up long enough to tell her mother that her hair has been washed and went back to sleep. A reminder to not repeat the brutality for a few more days. 

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