Getting together with schoolmates

Dawn of another day
Another ordinary day it is not
Today friends of old, meet up to say
It means a lot
We are now part of each other’s life
Although the class rocks are not here
We shall not let that cause strife
But shall make them shed a tear
By singing our own September Songs

An hour of sleep, that is all I managed on my flight from Dubai to TVM. Well at least when I landed I didn’t have blood shot eyes, which was an achievement after the lack of sleep.

A visit to my aunt. A quick freshening up and another cup of tea later, I was raring to go. My schoolmates were meeting up and for the second time in a row, I have kept them waiting.

At Windsor Rajadhani, Radhakrishnan was the first to greet my mum, Kavitha, baby and I. Isaac walked in at the same time. Thomas Mathew was already there and it was nice to meet his wife, Sheela and son. We went up to the fourth floor, and all my friends were already there. Asha, who I thought was not going to be able to make it, came, which was a nice surprise. Also Shaji, who I hadn’t seen since leaving St Jude all those years ago. Sasi had done an ace job with choosing the venue and the decorations were exquisite. Soon Amma and Kavitha said their goodbyes and left as the little one needed her rest and the party began.

Sheela joined us after church. We played games. Main aim was to have fun and bond, which we all did with fervour. The candle game was fun. Everyone tried to talk their way out of the acting game apart from Sheela, who proved that not only can she sing, but she can act as well. I made them play a junior version of charades. There were no winners or losers, only happy children.

Lunch followed. We talked and talked. The photographer made us pose for lots of photos.

Thomas Mathew talked about the importance of not ignoring chest symptoms. Abdul Hameed and Beena talked about human values. Sasi made us remember the importance of making the most of our lives and taking care of our health. Ramesh, Jay and Isaac provided the laughs, and so did the other normally quiet ones.

Soon it was time for goodbyes. Radhakrishnan dropped me off home and I thank him for that and Abdul Hameed for keeping me awake during our drive back to Kundara. Sasi, I can’t thank you enough for doing a wonderful job today. Beena, Sarala, Sobha and Sajeev, it was really good to see you all.

At the last get together, I was just beginning to know everyone again after a very long gap, but now it’s different. Moments to treasure, that’s what we had today.

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