Friday 13

There are superstitions and then some more. It is Friday the thirteenth once again. What can possibly go wrong? I watch the magpie balance itself on the bird feeder, desperately trying to peck on the peanuts, before sliding off. The squirrel waits impatiently for its turn. In between the smaller birds, for whom the feeder was hung have their feast. The feeder is emptying fast. The peanuts do not come cheap. I try to shoo the squabbling pair away, with little success. Our friendly Robin flies past. The continuing arguments do not seem to faze him. The Great spotted woodpecker pecks away merrily at the oak tree. A flutter of wind and a smattering of golden leaves float from the tree tops. It has only been a couple of days since the garden was tidied up. The garden waste bins are heaving and awaiting collection. The leaves are falling faster than we can clear them. 

I potter around the house looking for things to do. I declutter and rearrange the decor as I look for pieces that go together. I discover how a simple move can bring out the beauty in an arrangement. Like anaesthetic drugs that enhance the effect of each other when partnered properly. I remove the unnecessary, put away old framed photos and find new allies. My cuts are drastic, but less is more I figure out. The pictures and artwork I have collected from around the world over the years need framing. I try to frame the papyrus artwork and damage it slightly. I stop before I do further damage. It has to be done professionally, I put it away along with the rest of the paintings. I’m not sure where I will hang them. My house has more windows than walls. I check out Rafia’s Instagram worthy house for inspiration but know I haven’t got what it takes to be an interior designer, but still I enjoy my efforts. 

I try my hand at new hobbies and murder some innocent plants in the process. Plants which were meant to stay indoors where planted outside. They die a sad bloated death, the rain smothered them. I should have done my research. My jade plant which I thought was dead for years sprang a little offspring. It stayed a dwarf all these years and then suddenly decided this was the year to come out of its slumber. Out of the tiny offspring four shoots came out and now there is a family. I repot it with the appropriate compost. I discover a whole new world of succulent plants and how to take care of them. Now I wait to see if my babies will stay alive or succumb to the curse of my lack of green fingers. My Flaming Katy needs rescuing, but that is another story. I order some more cactus compost and hope she will survive till it arrives. 

So Friday the thirteenth hasn’t been too bad so far. My banana sweet potato cakes and apple muffins turned out better than expected. Healthy snacks for when the kids arrive tomorrow. I hope they like them, the ultimate deciders. Then I read that Dominic Cummings has left the building. Friday the thirteenth has claimed its victim. Was he the modern day Freddy Krueger who lost his way from Elm street and ended up in Downing Street as the PM’s advisor? The plot thickens…

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