First watches

Twenty five degrees and sweltering. I still haven’t managed to sort out the air con in my car. I had it serviced recently and completely forgot about getting the air conditioning sorted out. I haven’t got time now to take it in and get it seen to. I will just have to suffer the consequences. The traffic flowed smoothly and so the heat was not a big issue today.

I turn the radio knob to find something to occupy myself. A comedian is presenting a programme about analogue watches. Being a comedian his take on it is quite amusing. He interviews a lady who specialises in high end watches. She explains about the workmanship that goes into making watches, some of which costs six figure sums. Her explanation is that someone has spent months making such a masterpiece and those with the means are purchasing the amount of time spent on it. I have never thought of it that way.

Both the comedian and lady discuss their very first watches. Both were given watches when they were eight years old. The lady describes this presentation as a passage. The time when one starts to take control of managing one’s time. A ritual that seems to be disappearing with the advent of mobile phones and digital watches. I try to rack my brains and try to remember my first watch. I fail this task miserably. Can you remember yours?

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