First day in Schliersee

We had a late night yesterday as we all sat and watched the Malayalam film, “Ennum ninte Moideen”. A tragic true love story. How can someone be so unfortunate? Every time there is a glimmer of hope things go drastically wrong.

This morning we went to collect the hire car. It is the first time we’ve hired a car here. The plan is to go and visit King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle on Wednesday. It’s difficult to get to this castle using public transport.

It was raining heavily this morning and we almost got drenched on the way to the bus stop. Luckily the downpour did not last long, but it was considerably colder than yesterday.

Once we collected the car we drove up the mountain to Spitzingsee lake and then after this did some supermarket shopping and stocked up on breakfast essentials. It is so difficult to differentiate between still and sparkling water when we are in Europe and so always try to make sure we have the correct water. Despite all this we ended up taking home a whole load of sparkling water. Cannot make tea with it, but it is ok to drink on its own.

Not far from Schliersee there is a quiet pretty little town called Fischbachau. We heard that there was a famous cake shop there during one of our visits and decided to check it out. We found the restaurant in a pretty remote deserted area. Thinking that there wouldn’t be many customers we walked in without a reservation and was not prepared for what we saw. There was not a single seat free. We finally found a couple of empty seats in the corner of a large table and sat there, till they came to serve us. Today it was not as busy, but still the place was almost full. We ordered some snacks to share followed by the cakes. The portions were huge, but as Prasanna said ‘we were in cake heaven’ and enjoyed every single morsel of the 3 types of cake we ordered.

When we got back to the hotel the choice was to go for a swim, but I persuaded everyone to go for a brisk walk around the lake. It didn’t take much persuading as we had to walk off the cake calories. The whole walk from the hotel and all around the lake is 10km. We did it in about 90 minutes, which I think was not bad considering the fact that we don’t get to do much regular walking.

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