First day in Antigua

We landed about 5pm yesterday evening. By the time we got through immigration and customs, it was dark outside. Luckily the resort was only a few minutes drive from the airport. The little one was tired and cried the duration of that short journey and only stopped when we reached the resort.

We have two adjoining villas. Couldn’t see much in the dark. Had dinner at eight at the main restaurant. There was a lacklustre band playing some songs, I could only make out a Bob Marley tune. The singing was awful but pleasant. We took turns to carry the little one as she wouldn’t settle.

The sky was clear and the stars were all out in force. The sea sounded rough, but soothing. The food was lovely, but it was getting late. We are all still on London time and that means it was way past our bedtimes, when we finally got back.

By six o’clock home time, I was awake and couldn’t get back to sleep. Read the papers, tried watching a black and white old English movie on you tube and finally got up at 600 local time. I’m sitting here on the porch overlooking the sea and trying to read a book. I am being distracted by my new found feathery friends, one of which is now comfortable enough to let me take photos of it. Even the humming bird is lingering a bit more than it did earlier and getting used to me.

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