First day home and Bahubali

I reach home just before six in the morning. Asha and Amma are already up. After a quick freshen up and breakfast, I start to feel tired and have a nap. The plan was to take it easy today, but Asha asks me if I’m interested in seeing the film ‘Bahubali’. I haven’t watched the first one and these sort of movies do not interest me. Anyway as the day is still young and we haven’t got much to do we decide to go to Kollam and watch the film. Asha has already seen it twice and she fills me in on the storyline so that when I see this second and concluding film I am not totally lost. It has been showing in the theatres all around the world to great acclaim. For a Telugu film to stir up such an interest, it must be worth watching. It’s been a very long time since I have watched a movie in an Indian theatre.

We leave a little earlier than needed so that we can do a bit of shopping as well. The clothes shopping in Kollam is certainly much better than it ever used to be. I can finally get something to fit me without making any alterations. I am pretty happy with my choices. We reach the cinema theatre well in time and have a cup of tea before going in.

I can never stay awake when I watch films. The last one was ‘La la land’, and I missed most of film that evening and need to see it again to know what actually happened. Today the chances of me falling asleep is quite high as I haven’t slept properly for the last two nights, but I have no trouble staying awake. The film is a masterclass in film perfection. In these times when Hollywood is struggling and most blockbusters are failing, this was one of the best films I have seen in a long while. The imagination of the guy who dreamt up this story and project is mind blowing. The war scenes and stunt sequences are mesmerising. Everyone gave flawless performances. It was an evening well spent.

Now I need to catch up on my sleep as I have a long day ahead tomorrow.

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