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Yesterday it was the chirping of the mynas which reminded me that it was dawn already. Normally, when I’m in Perumpuzha, it is the crows cawing or the roosters crowing that wakes me up. I wasn’t used to this sound and then saw the bird flitting from branch to branch calling out to its flock. I was awake already having just landed in the middle of the night. Two days of sleeplessness followed me but sleep was evading me. 

Today I’m having a lie in. By the time I get up the sunshine is at its strongest and it is too hot for anything more than the simplest of activities. And by the time I sit down for breakfast it is almost midday. Amma wondered if I was interested in watching a film. There is a new theatre not far from here. I am not a big fan of Indian films, but watched ‘Uyare’ on the flight. A storyline full of holes but it covered an important message extremely well. I agree to take a chance and we book tickets. 

As I get ready I fill my ‘sanchi’ with snacks and water to last me the three hours in the cinema. Amma laughs at my choice of bag but I think it quite goes with my bohemian attire. 

The auto-rickshaw arrives on time but Amma still needs to lock up. The exposed part of the auto-rickshaw seat is boiling hot and I stay on the shaded side. The driver tells me about his daughter, a nurse, who is trying to pass her exams to work abroad. According to him she keeps failing with the smallest of margins and it is the system’s fault. Amma arrives and we are on our way. When we get there the road in front of the theatre is having major roadworks done and is cordoned off to anything bigger than a bike. We need to walk the rest of the way. Amma thinks she doesn’t have the auto guy’s number to call him when the film is over and so asks me to get it. As I type the number I realise it has already been saved. Without my glasses it is not clear and I say, “it’s already saved as sugar something”. Amma quickly changes the subject saying it is somebody else. Asha has saved it under ‘panchara autodriver’ and I almost gave the game away. I stifle my laughter and walk ahead.

The jcb is digging up the road and dropping the soil onto the back of a truck. The dust is everywhere. We don’t have a choice and walk along the side. In the theatre the seats are not full and yet a couple is sitting in our seats. The usher asks them to move further in. They take their time. It seems like they want aisle seats. I’m not sure what difference it makes. I would have said it is fine and sat further in but don’t particularly like their attitude. Later I am glad that we didn’t move to accommodate them as we would’ve had to move if we ended up sitting in someone else’s seat.

The film starts. ‘Varane avashyamundu’. A chick flick suited for Valentine’s Day. A heartwarming easy to watch film. I thoroughly enjoy the film, the only qualm being the sound levels are a tad too high. There is a point in the film when Suresh Gopi gives a speech. He is talking about his travels and mentions that however much you travel if there is no one to tell the tales to or share the experiences with it is not complete. Something that totally resonates with me and I agree that it is one of the reasons why I enjoy writing about my exploits and sharing my experiences. 

By the time the film is over the sun’s heat is waning. The road works are still going on. As we walk past the digger we get covered in dust once again. I suppose it is all part of the experience. At least the roads are now easy to travel on and these works are essential. 

The plan was to have an early dinner but it is almost nine by the time we sit down to eat. The day is almost over and it is time to wind down. 

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