EU Referendum and Euro 2016

Today we vote to remain or leave the European Union. Immigration, the free borders and the economy are the main problems rocking the boat. So do we vote with our heart or with our head. Even the experts don’t know the answer and yet they want us to answer the question. Earlier this afternoon the polls showed that the leave campaign were ahead. I haven’t checked it since then. No one knows how it will go. One expert said that we should vote depending on how much of a risk taker we are. If we want stability then we should remain and if we are risk takers then we should take a chance and go for it and vote out. If we leave everybody knows that we will have a few years of economic turmoil. Are we prepared to take this risk? If we take the risk, will things improve? Who knows. Who will be more affected by voting out? Is it the young ones, whose jobs will be at stake? Is this fair on them? So difficult decisions. Amongst my colleagues, the risk takers are voting out and those who have never gambled are remaining. The remain group think the leavers are ‘nutters’. Maybe we are. I think this was a decision that the government and those in the know should have taken rather than leaving it to us, the lay public. Either way it looks like our stance in the EU will weaken as a result of this referendum.

Jo Cox, a young MP, who was pro Euro was stabbed and shot to death last week on her way to her constituency surgery. She should have been celebrating her 42nd birthday yesterday. Tragic loss of a young promising politician and all for what? Sounds like it was carried out by someone who was mentally unstable. A young family has been torn apart as a result of this incident.

Tomorrow we will find out how the voting went.

On a happier note all three of the home nations have reached the knockout stages of the Euro 2016. On Saturday, Wales play Northern Ireland, which means one of them will definitely go through to the quarter finals. On Monday England play Iceland. So it looks like coming second in group B may not have harmed England’s chances as much as everybody thought.

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