EU and outcome

We had a torrential downpour during the early hours of Thursday morning, the voting day, and it continued in bouts throughout the rest of the day. Because of the rain forecast, it was predicted that only those who were passionate about the outcome would make an effort to vote and this would give an edge to the ‘leave’ campaign. In the end 72.2% of those who were eligible to vote voted making it one of the highest voter turnout in recent years. Also as predicted, the poor turnout of the younger generation who would have voted to remain has ended up costing them dearly.

I woke up on Friday morning expecting to hear that we were still in the Euro, even though I voted otherwise. In contrast to the previous day, the sun was out and the day looked perfect. Little did I know that it was the calm before the storm that was to unravel as the day progressed.
Soon news came through that we were out of the EU and a few hours later our PM resigned. I felt sorry for him. He had put his heart and soul into the campaigning and was devastated at the outcome. The vote to leave was not a vote of no confidence against him and as far as I was concerned there was no need for him to resign. However today, a day later, when I have had time to take stock, I do feel cheated. Why would the government take a huge gamble and make us decide on an important issue like this. I now totally blame Cameron for the shambles he has created and he had to go.

Anyway what’s done is done and there is no going backwards. We will have to weather the storm together as a nation. We are all in this together and we will get through it together.

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