End of 2016 summertime

About a month ago I lamented on the passing of summer and the fact that autumn was almost upon us. My grief was a bit premature. We’ve had one of the hottest Septembers since records began over 300 years ago. Would you believe it they have kept records of the temperature in central England since 1659.

There is no way out of it though, the evenings are getting nippier and the days shorter. The leaves have started to fall and the temperatures have started to drop although it is still quite high for late September. Have you noticed that here people tend to talk about the weather when they have nothing much else to say. It’s always a starting point to build up a conversation.

I do like the autumn though, when the trees all turn a shade of red to brown and before all the leaves get blown away. It is just the cold, wet and dull weather that tends to get you down. When I get home after work and the evenings are still light, I like to sit in my car for a little while with the music on taking in the beauty of my tree lined street and natures celluloid offerings courtesy of the changing seasons.

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