Beast from the east

The arctic weather is here with a vengeance. I stand corrected, it is not actually from the Arctic but from Russia, and according to the forecast it is going to get even colder than the Arctic. The press have dubbed it ‘the beast from the east’. We were preparing for Spring and so what went wrong, I wonder. I should have been in India according to my initial travel plans, and would have missed all this if I had. The worst is yet to come and driving to work this morning was not a problem. The evening and tomorrow will be a different story. I switch my radio off to do some serious thinking. The book I’m reading by Dr Joseph Murphy at the moment reminded me “you have the capacity to choose. Choose life! Choose love! Choose health! Choose happiness!” It actually has a calming influence.

My labour ward duties start off a bit chaotic this morning. The obstetric consultant is busy with an emergency and the registrar is not very well. As they try and sort out the cover I join up with my registrar in theatre. I have a quick look at the baby in the resuscitaire. Was Lakshmi ever this tiny? She was a good girl this weekend although she did tell her parents on the phone when they rang on Saturday that her Ammamma was naughty. Whatever did she mean??

She had a good time yesterday first at Alcira’s house playing with Alcira’s children. She enjoyed playing with Samantha’s doll’s buggy and making tea. Alcira gave her some scooter lessons and she seemed to grasp the concept quite quickly. Next we had a long drive to Croydon where she met her cousin, Micah, for the first time. Big crowds upset her and it takes a while to get her going. She has named the teddy bear Enesta gave her for Christmas ‘Micah’ and carried it home with her last night as she fell asleep finally after a very long day. As her mum picked her up to put her in her cot, she briefly woke up, asked for ‘Micah’ and went back to sleep.

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