Dublin- return journey

So the last day of the trip and we will soon be back on British soil again. We had an early start. Few of the ladies overslept and woke up only when we were meant to depart and so delayed us.

There was a time in the past when I used to avoid these trips. It used to evoke images of ‘Bhaji on the beach’ for me. I actually never saw the film but you don’t need to see it to know what I mean. In the olden days, when Indian families went on a day trip, regardless of whether it was a trip to the beach or zoo or just a day out, they used to dress up in their finery. The men all in their best suits, the women in their finest saris and the children all in their prettiest frocks and Sunday best. The purpose was more of a photo opportunity rather than a fun day out. Most of the older generation are now gone or too ill to travel with a handful of exceptions. The current older folks are not as demanding as the group we used to have in the past and are more easier to manage. Although we did have a few near mishaps.

Our gang in the back of the coach had a wonderful time. Kumar Annan, Prasanna and Baby chechi have such a wicked sense of humour, and if it was a reality show it would have been a huge success. I haven’t laughed this much in ages. Most of the folks brought snacks, home made and shop bought and so we were watered and fed throughout the trip. The weather gods were on our side. All good things must come to an end and so did this trip. So we are left with some good memories till the next time…

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