Deers and cars

As you are driving to Epping you see these road signs for wild animals. The signs are of a deer in a red triangle, which denotes wild animals. I have had a deer bolt across the road in front of me. It wasn’t on this stretch of road, but near my work place, a long time ago. It all happened so quickly. It is a road I used to take daily on the way home and the speed limit is 40 mph. I had to brake so suddenly. Luckily I missed the deer and no damage was done. It was the first or second week in my new car and I tested the anti-lock braking system to it’s limit that day. I found out later that you are not meant to use the ABS within the first so many miles when you are driving a new car. At least the deer survived to tell the tale and so did my new car. Even though you see these signs along stretches of roads near the woodlands, it is still a rare occurrence.

So last week I was surprised to see two deer stories making it into the newspapers. The first one was that of a young 17 year old who was taking his driving test. He ended up running over and killing a deer. Shaken but not stirred, he carried on with his test after the instructor had a look to make sure that the car was safe to drive. He passed his test.

Next was a viral video of someone driving at 108miles per hour in Poland when a deer steps in front of their car. It looks like the deer survived. I’m not quite sure how though.

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