Day in Dubai

My dear friends, I wrote about my day today, but when I read it back it was just boring and so I have amended it. We went on the Big Bus city tour today. A hop on – hop off journey through three routes. We actually stayed on the bus for most of the trip and only got off to go on the river cruises. I have been on river cruises in most of the cities I have been in and used to love them. Maybe I have outgrown them.

We had to endure the sun a couple of times today. Once when we were waiting to rejoin the Big Bus tour after the Dhow cruise. The air conditioning in the bus stop was not working and even the shade we found under some trees were no help. Despite all the sunscreen cream my legs were burning. The second time was in the evening when we had to walk along the marina promenade looking for our second cruise entrance. All I can say is that I walked about 10-15 minutes in that heat and survived.

We also got to grips with the Dubai metro. It was very nice and cool till the carriages got crowded with sweaty guys. Am I giving out negative vibes?

I actually had 3 lovely days here, despite what I have written. The first evening out with my friend, Laly and family, is something I will treasure forever. The second evening under the desert star ( I say star as I only saw one) was actually quite alright. And today I realised that Dubai is not just a city of skyscrapers and in future I will stop over during my transit flights to see more of the real old Dubai when I get the chance.

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