Crazy Rich Asians and Everyman

A blackbird sings and calls out to his companion. It is quite a pleasant sound and catches my attention. I look up and find it on top of a tree. It tries again but gets no response and so flies away. It has turned out to be a fine autumn day. The sun is out, but the evening will be cold. I take my jacket with me as I know I will need it in the evening. We are on our way to Canary Wharf, first to see a film and then for an evening meal.

The walk to the cinema is a short one from the station. It is not your usual cinema theatre. A quirky place. A miniature version of an Aston Martin greets us as we walk in. At the bar we buy our tickets and order food. We still have plenty of time. We sit by a replica of Paddington Bear as we polish off the pizza and chips. There are only three screens in this cinema and so the choice of films are limited. The seating is an array of colourful and cozy sofas. Most are double seaters with a few interspersed single ones for the singletons who want to enjoy the film on their own. I sink into my seat and rest my heels on the support in front of me. We are the only ones in the cinema but soon another two or three couples walk in. There is a waitering service as well if we need anything. The screens are small but it doesn’t spoil the experience.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’, a film that has been causing a bit of a stir across the ocean and has now reached our shores. A very glamorous, glitzy and fun film with the usual romantic mishmash. I find myself tapping along to the Chinese songs. There is a Chinese version of Madonna’s material girl.
There is a wedding scene with a recreation of a flowing river in a church as the bride walks down the aisle to Kina Grannis’s version of the Elvis song- ‘Can’t help falling in love’
“Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can’t help
Falling in love with you”
With pretty girls and ripped men set in the colourful backdrop of Singapore, despite the tried and tested formula, it was a very pleasing film.

After the film, we walk along the footbridge and follow the river to our restaurant. We are a bit early but the restaurant is quiet and they seat us. A lovely meal follows to finish off a lovely day.

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