Consultant party and Jimmiki Kammal

A mad dash to the metro station and I get there with a minute to spare. I needn’t have bothered as the course at the Royal College did not start on time. Another terror attack on the district line and not everyone could make it on time. It turned out to be a very well thought out and interesting day providing lots of valuable information to help manage paediatric emergencies.

It has been over thirty years since I started my anaesthetic career and sometimes I wonder when I go to these courses why I never see a familiar face. I have a feeling the problem may lie with me as one of the faculty members smiled at me today at one of the workshop stations and reminded me that she was a trainee at Queens. I thought I only had a terrible memory when it came to names, but I now know that it is not just names but faces as well.

Once the day was over, my evening was just about to begin. A quick stop at Stratford on the way home to do some last minute shopping for my Indian trip. As I walked through the mall I saw an Indian costume jewellery shop and went in to look at some earrings. There was one last Jimmiki Kammal left and that too in a purple colour which was of no use to me, unless I wanted to wear it to match the men’s colour theme this time (not their choice by the way, let’s see how many oblige). They didn’t have anymore and the lady remarked that somebody else had asked her the same question earlier. I had to tell her about the video that had gone viral and the latest craze that is sweeping our little state in India and said that I wanted to wear one to my class get together. I wonder what she thought of me.

Back at home, I had just enough time to put my glad rags on and drive Alcira who was waiting for me to our annual consultants party. The turnout was not great, but we had a lovely evening. A song from Prem, a belly dancer who had seen better days and a band made up of lawyers kick started the evening. Once again we danced the night away, this time to English songs. I have difficulty finding the rhythm to English songs, but when Jag dragged me on to the dance floor asking me if grandmas are allowed to dance, I couldn’t resist. A mishmash of BoneyM songs was all that was needed to get us started, tapping away and singing along. Now I need to get some rest as tomorrow I have another important party to go to.

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