Clap for our Carers

It is the third week since this ritual started. The first time, I looked on gingerly through my windows. The second week I didn’t know it was going to happen. Now we’ve reached the third Thursday since our lives have changed. 

It was in the afternoon that news came through that one of my former colleagues had died. Abdul Chowdhury, a Consultant Urologist, had been in our ITU for almost three weeks. He gave up his fight last night. He was one of us. 

Today I will be clapping for the carers

For all my colleagues 

For all our children who are in the medical field

For all those working behind the scenes 

For my colleagues who are not well, (praying for a quick recovery)

For every single person working for the NHS 

For the scientists who are racing against time to find a vaccine 

For all those working tirelessly to make sure we are looked after 

And there is plenty to be thankful for 

And above all for Abdul Chowdhury 

And all the doctors/healthcare workers who’ve lost their lives 

And their families and friends 

We thank you all 🙏

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