Christmas parties and panto season

The excesses of the previous night doesn’t seem to have caused too much damage. December is here and the party season is upon us. It was the Obstetric Anaesthetic team’s Christmas party. The first of many parties to help end the year on a high. This might be the only work related one I will be attending as my friends do not seem to be too keen to party this year due to personal reasons. ‘Sugar Hut’, the favourite haunt of the TOWIE gang was the chosen restaurant. TOWIE or The only way is Essex is a reality TV show based around Chigwell and Brentwood. One of Kavitha’s classmates from school has become a popular celebrity TV presenter in the States following exposure from the show. There were huge billboards advertising his show around NY earlier this year when we visited. 

We all had a very good time. The youngsters stayed on to dance the night away in the adjoining club, while the oldies made their way home. It was almost midnight by the time Dr Abbas and his wife dropped me back at home. 

Lakshmi was fast asleep when I got in. Her parents had dropped her off. She stayed up long past her bedtime to see me before finally giving in. She also had a fun filled day. The first time she had met Santa. When she woke up she had plenty to say. With rolling eyes and excited gestures she babbled away. “Jingle bells, jingle bells” she sang getting stuck as she didn’t know the rest of the words. Santa gave her a penguin and her sister, a reindeer. If I asked her why something happened, she shrugged her shoulders, turned her hands up and went “I don’t know!”, as if even she was surprised that it happened. I laughed as she continued her animated conversations. “It’s Christmas and I’m excited” words that set the theme for the day and the month. 

At the swimming pool, she is now confident enough to let go off me and float around in her buoyancy jacket. She giggled as she splashed me and didn’t panic as the other boisterous children bounced around her. The happiness stopped when I took her into the shower. The hair washing session ended in screams. Wrapped around in a white towel she looked at me through red eyes as she followed me to the cubicle. She reminded me of the penguin chicks that follow their parents around. I tried not to feel guilty. The other women in the changing room always find something to talk to me when Lakshmi is around. 

After lunch it was time to take her back to her home. We are going to watch a pantomime this evening. It is both the children’s and my first visit to see a panto. Christmas season is never complete without watching one of these shows. I have managed to escape them so far. When we get to the playhouse, Lavinia’s eyes start drooping but Lakshmi was having none of it. She kept waking up her little baby sister. The stage lit up and the characters strutted their stuff. Abanazar, with his wicked laugh, and the giant snake frightened Lakshmi and she snuggled into her dad’s chest. Widow Twanky and her son, Wishy Washy, with their tongue twisters and gaiety soon got her out of hiding. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine wooed the crowds with their singing and dancing. So did the Genie with her cheeky attitude. Audience participation is one of the main attractions of these shows. The booing and cheering continued and by the end everyone was up on their feet following the dance steps. We were on Wishy Washy’s corner, but I got carried away and twirled Lakshmi around when it was the opposition’s turn. Wishy washy wasn’t pleased and queried whose side Lakshmi was on. I wondered what was going on when I saw everyone laughing at us. We had a merry time and Lakshmi was on her feet dancing away. Lavinia bobbed to the music till she got tired and couldn’t fall asleep because of the sounds. Her dad had to take her away and missed the second half. 

It was a fun day and like Lakshmi I too am starting to get excited about Christmas. Let the month be filled with happiness and joy and let the evil Abanazers of the world be banished to their rightful abodes. 

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