Christmas Market

Winter is officially here and with it the hours of sunshine gets less and less. Soon the shortest day in our calendar year will arrive and the good news is that the daylight hours can only get longer from then onwards till we reach the longest day in June.

For me the best part of these short days is that the sun is just coming up when I am getting ready for work and on my way to work. The colours it makes in the horizon is just breath taking. This morning on my way to work the sky was bathed in baby pink and blue shades alternating with each other with the sun peeking through like a giant orange ball on fire. The trees are still holding on to the last of the crispy brown leaves, waiting for that final gust of wind to shed them. When you watch these trees in the background of these wonderful shades, it really is a pretty sight as you weave your way through to work.

Winter is meant to be a depressing time of the year for us, because of the lack of sunshine. Andy Williams sang that ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’. He was talking of Christmas obviously. I think it certainly is, we just need to look at the right places.

Yesterday we took little Lakshmi to her first Christmas market, a stone throw from where they live. A once a year event in Epping. Stalls with plenty of Christmas knickknacks, gifts and home made food. The little one was fast asleep by the time we got to Santa’s grotto, which was set up at the local Fire station. There was a Christmas tree festival at the local church as well. We couldn’t take the pram in and it was packed, so decided to give it a miss. All in all, it was a colourful evening, with the Epping band playing Christmas carols to liven up the atmosphere.

Today she went to her first Christmas party dressed as an elf to meet Santa. It looks like Santa never turned up. Oh well, there goes her hope of helping Santa get ready for Christmas. Santa’s loss I guess.

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