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Dear All,

I will tell you a little bit about Chigwell, my home town today. Oh, before I forget, didn’t England do well in the T20. So proud. Sorry, when it comes to cricket I am on the English side. Opposite Kavitha’s school there was a pub called ‘Ye Olde King’s Head’. Charles Dickens used to visit Chigwell frequently in his days and he used to stay there. He wrote to his friend that Chigwell was the greatest place on earth or something to that effect.

Chigwell Ye Olde King’s Head

Chigwell Ye Olde King’s Head

When Kavitha was at school, I used to wait in the pub car park to pick her up after school. It was a godsend as car parking was a bit of a nightmare around the school. Anyway a few years ago Alan Sugar who is the British version of Donald Trump with his ‘Apprentice’ TV show bought the pub and turned it into a Turkish restaurant and locked the gates. So unless you are a customer there is no access. We went there last year and the food wasn’t too bad.

Today we went to another Turkish place nearby in Woodford and it was lovely. The ambiance, service and food was excellent. I even managed to finish the starter, main meal and dessert. So if anybody is coming this way, that’s where I will be taking you.

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