Catamaran trip around Antigua

Second catamaran trip in two days. Normally I wouldn’t have done this, but we are only here for five days and so had to make the most of it. This time we were told that the trip was suitable for babies.

The driver who picked us up in the morning used to captain a similar catamaran up until two years ago. He told us that the waters around Devil’s bridge would be a rough ride. The trip we booked today was a round trip around the island.

Similar to yesterday we got there early and found a good space on the top deck. It wasn’t as crowded as yesterday and soon we were on our way.

Just like our driver warned us there was a twenty minute part of the journey which was pretty rough. The little one quite enjoyed it though. She couldn’t get enough of how the wind was playing havoc with my hair and giggled all the way through. I couldn’t wear my hat to hold it down due to the wind as it was strong enough to blow it away.

The guides pointed out the important landmarks as we went around the island. Our only stop was at Green island. Those who wanted to snorkel were asked to go and get the snorkelling gear from
the front of the boat. I got my stuff and was ready to go. I have snorkelled in The Dominican Republic and in Egypt. I was not a confident swimmer in those days and used to hang on for dear life onto their lifebouys. This time I thought I should be fine, after-all I managed to snorkel in a dark cave in Mexico the last time. The guide mentioned sea urchins and their stings at the intro. This didn’t instill any confidence in me, even though he said it wasn’t that common.

As soon as everyone got going I ran into trouble. My mask and snorkel filled with sea water and I started choking on it. I swam back to the guy who was meant to look after those who fall by the wayside. Somebody else had his attention and he was not looking at me. There I was coughing and spluttering and no one was taking any notice of me. Finally I got Michael’s attention and he got me another goggle. By this time the group had swum off and he was meant to stay with them. I tried on the replacement one and he tightened it for me and I had a quick trial. It was no good, I was still not ready and had to let him go. He told me to try it out near the catamaran and swam off. After five minutes I was good to go and was swimming around with no problem. It was too late, they had already gone. I hoped that someone would have had enough and would be brought back and I might get a chance to join the rest of the group.

Just as I hoped for, I saw the dinghy coming back with one of the girls. I swam to them and asked if he would take me to join the rest of the team. Initially he said he couldn’t as he wasn’t allowed to do that and then changed his mind and took me. I think it was because I was on the trip the day before and he knew me and knew I could swim. So I got a dinghy ride in the bargain as well.

I joined the rest of the team who were now half way along their swim. I needn’t have bothered. The vision was not that good and one of the guys I spoke to later said that all he saw was a puffer fish. Anyway it was good for me. If I had given up, it would have preyed on my mind. Now I know that I can do it, it doesn’t matter. When the vision is good, it is one of the best experiences. I remember being very cold during my first two snorkelling trips. Today the water temperature was just perfect and so it was a pity that we couldn’t see anything. I could see more fish near the beach where the water was clearer.

We continued the trip around the island after lunch and got back in time for afternoon tea. Apart from a back pain from hitting my back continuously on the bench rest during the rough Atlantic sea rides on both days, I have survived the two catamaran trips.

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