Bonfire night

We are halfway through autumn and yet most of the leaves are still clinging on desperately. The gust of wind tries its best to shake them loose. Some of the leaves are too weak and they succumb. A swirl of breeze gathers the fallen leaves and toss them around. The air is still for a moment, but the leaves know that the calmness won’t last. Before they know it the flurry of attacks continue.

Last Sunday was Bonfire night. The night the sky was lit up with fire works. The full moon came out to watch. Photographers had a field day. Fireworks lit up in the back drop of a full moon, if you could capture the scene at the precise moment. Some did as the papers reminded us the next day.

Lakshmi and I tried to watch the fireworks from home. The top bedroom window was our best bet. In the distance we could see the burst of colours as the display started. The trees holding onto the leaves meant the views were obstructed. Lakshmi made voices which sounded like “wow” and “look” pointing at the sparkles as they filled the sky.

The leaves will soon all give up the fight. In a couple of months all that remains will be the bare branches. What must happen will happen. It is already written in the wind. Why do they fight the inevitable? Isn’t it all just pointless? Saying goodbye is not easy I suppose even for the leaves who have only known their parent tree for less than a year.

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