Black Friday

I had to go to the city today and while I was there I thought I should make the most of it and do a bit of Christmas shopping. In the afternoon the walk from Oxford Circus to Piccadilly and then on to Chinatown was not too bad. I did a bit of shopping on the way and had dimsums at my usual restaurant.

Once I was watered and fed, I decided to walk back and do a bit more shopping and possibly finish it all off as I couldn’t face another day of traipsing through the shops, to finish off the Christmas shopping.

The Christmas lights were on and looked like angels guarding the streets, looking over us as we shopped. I got a few more items, but couldn’t quite do all of what I wanted to do. By this time the streets were getting packed. I’ve been to Oxford street a couple of years ago when Black Friday was on, but do not remember it being this bad. Oxford street station looked as if it was closed, there was a big queue waiting to get in. Nobody was moving. I decided to walk to the next station. Not an easy job as I think most people had the same idea and were cutting across through a corner store.
I finally made it to Tottenham Court Road station, where the queues were not as bad. I still need to get home before I can rest my weary feet.

A miserable end to a miserable day. Never again will I venture into the city on Black Friday. Twice is enough. According to the papers one in ten items bought today will end up binned. I hope everyone likes the gifts I’ve bought for them and they won’t end up in land fill sites.


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