Bikes and Lorries

Recently I’ve been getting to work late most days. It’s not a problem if I have a junior with me who usually sees the patients and fills me in by the time I get there. This is not ideal and I was hoping to change the trend and start my New Years resolution early.

It still didn’t quite work out. Today I was working at King George’s Hospital a journey which normally should take only 12-15 minutes. It took an extra hour. The main road next to our street has been closed for a couple of days and the detour should still not have added that extra hour. I found myself sitting in standstill traffic and realised that I was not going to make it in time. I rang theatres to find that there have been problems on most of the roads leading to the hospital and most of the surgeons were delayed as well.

These days I don’t mind sitting in traffic jams. It doesn’t seem to bother me at all. There is no point in working yourself up into a state when you have no control of the situation. I had the music on in the background, but I found myself in my own little world with my happy thoughts.

I got to theatres just before Sandy did, which gave me the pleasure of giving him a bit of a hard time.
Soon we found out the tragic reason for the road blocks. A biker had been hit and run by a lorry driver. The emergency helicopter service came to pick him up. One of our juniors stopped to help. It was too late by the look of things.

The roads were closed most of the day and those coming to work in the afternoon were also affected. Every other day we hear of these tragic road accidents where cycle and bike riders are killed by getting entangled and dragged under these huge lorries. Such a tragic loss of young lives.

Tomorrow Kavitha’s friend is getting married and the three of us i.e. Kavitha, little Lakshmi and I are on our way now to book into a nearby hotel, so we can be there bright and early. Kavitha is one of the bridesmaid and I am on baby sitting duties. Plan is to party and babysit at the same time. We are having our first girlie weekend away.

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