Autumn and my Oak trees

September comes around too soon marking the beginning of autumn. The time when the chill in the air becomes more noticeable. A time when the leaves start taking on shades of brown. The evenings start getting darker earlier. The sky looks more grey than blue. A time to mark the passing of another summer and to wonder if you’ve made the most of it or did you squander away the beautiful days.

Why do we need seasons? Why can we not just stay in one season for the whole year. Would we still appreciate the sunshine filled days if it stayed with us the whole year through. Very unlikely. Soon my oak trees will start shedding their leaves. It hasn’t been long since the dead looking branches had sprouted back to life and now the cycle of life continues. How quickly the trees let them go and wait for the new growth. Do they shed tears of sadness as they let go of their past or do they just suffer in silence, or do they take it in their stride and remember that life goes on regardless. What is their secret? Will they tell me if I ask them?

They stand there tall and proud playing along to the seasonal games dutifully conducting their business as nature intended. Never defeated and only once bruised by a harsh storm which broke off a big branch. They are my pride and joy. I don’t know how old they are, how long they’ve lived and who all they’ve met, but I know that I’m just a passing friend and after me they will live to see many more friends come and go as the three of them grow old together in my little backyard.

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