We spent last Christmas at Huw’s place. We left early on Christmas morning after picking Kavitha and Huw and their sackful of presents. We reached Powys in Wales in time for lunch. Huw’s mum and dad had been working all morning getting everything ready for us. That’s when I first met Alfie, their little dog. He is a lhasa apso crossed with a westie and shitzu. Try pronouncing that early in the morning. Huw’s sister and I took Alfie for a walk while his parents set the table. They live just next to a river, with plenty of space for dog walking. We were pampered during this break. We were not allowed to lift a finger or even wash a single plate.

Alfie took a liking to me. I have this phobia about dogs or anything furry for that matter. Every time I sat down he had to sit on my lap or play with my slippers, so that it was covered in his spit by the time he had finished with it. Somehow I didn’t mind Alfie. After lunch I fell asleep on the settee and I woke up to find Alfie fast asleep, cuddled up, using my knees as his pillow.

Next day evening we went next door to their friend’s place for dinner and I decided to wear the lovely scarf that Huw’s mum gave me for Christmas. Once we were there we all settled down with our drinks to start the evening games. Next thing I know Alfie comes and sits on my scarf and rubs his bum on it. At this point I had to tell everyone about how I had this phobia about dogs and their bums. Anyway I’m cured of this phobia now, but haven’t touched the scarf since. All the rest of the clothes went straight into the wash as soon as I reached home. 

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2 Replies to “Alfie”

  1. Sumi Rajappan

    Aw.! This blog reminiscents me of the furry pet I domesticated for years and sadly lost her to food poisoning.

    • Chitra Gopinathan Post author

      Dear Sumi, I’m sorry to hear that. What pet did you have and what did you call her/ him?


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