A day at the movies

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to watch a movie at the cinemas. In fact the last film was La la Land over a year ago and I actually slept through it seeing only the beginning and the end. When I thought it had won the Oscars I wondered whether I should watch it again, luckily it didn’t and I didn’t have to.

Today I had an appointment at a place close to the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford. I got there a bit too early, but they accommodated me. This meant I had enough time for a leisurely lunch before the afternoon show of “Molly’s game”, a film which has been getting rave reviews. I had other obvious reasons to watch it but hey ho the Times gave it a five star review and that’s a rarity. I didn’t need an excuse. A true story told in a very intelligent way. Based on a memoir by the same name, but filmed once the story came to a conclusion. The story about Molly Bloom who could have made it to the Olympics as a skier but fate had other plans for her. She was arrested in 2013 by the FBI for profiting from illegal poker games. She turned out to be a role model and someone with integrity, a rarity in today’s selfish world. A movie which also looked at the difficult relationship between a daughter and her father, and this was a bit too close for comfort.

Another film review caught my eye as I was leafing through the papers this morning, “All the money in the world”. It’s been in the news recently when Kevin Spacey was replaced by Christopher Plummer after allegations of sexual abuse surfaced against Spacey. A movie with a four star rating. I booked the tickets and waited for Murali to join me after work. After watching “Molly’s game”, I had enough time to quench my thirst with a large cup of tea as I waited.

There is always a first for everything and today was the first day that I have watched two movies in a row. I also managed to stay awake for the two movies, another rarity. Once again based on a true story. A story I have heard in my younger days. The story of the kidnapping of Paul Getty junior. A harrowing tale portrayed in a way that was watchable although inevitably gruesome in parts. I enjoy watching Ridley Scott movies and TV serials and this was no exception.

We finished off the evening with a lovely Brazilian meal. It’s been a very long time since I have watched one good movie let alone two in a row. Both with brilliant acting by the lead actors and nominated for Golden globe awards and very rightly so. Stories of two strong women who never gave up when all the odds were stacked against them. Both of which I would thoroughly recommend.

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