2020, The story so far

The year is half gone, the year of hindsight

Like a deer caught in the headlight

A year that stopped us in our tracks

And exposed a system full of cracks

A year that will be embedded in history 

A year we will be discussing for eternity 

For many it will be a year to forget

For some it has been a year to reflect

A year when life stood still

And we watched the world go by

A year when the four walls of our house kept us safe

A year when the four walls felt like a cage 

A year when nature had its say

A year when the wildlife came out to play

The year the smog began to clear

And gave Greta something to cheer

A year when aircrafts got grounded

Gyms closed down and we got rounded

A year when face coverings became the norm 

A year that took us by storm

An unknown enemy settled in our midst

In the air we breathed and we kissed

From foreign shores it came

In leaps and bounds to make its claim 

Will we catch the dreaded virus

Will it spare us or engulf us

The voices in our heads grew loud

And it hung above us like a shroud

A year when the schools closed down

Not just by any old virus but one with a crown

A year when exams went unwritten

And Joe Wicks got the nation smitten

A year when we queued for the shops

In the patter of the raindrops 

Patiently waiting two metres apart

Awaiting our turn to fill our cart

A year we kept washing our hands

Trying to banish the virus from our lands

A year when jobs were lost and the economy came crashing 

Sunak limited the damage and started the furloughing

A year the NHS staff were showered with freebies

Free lunches, drinks, Easter eggs and goodies

A year the Scientists raced to produce a vaccine

While Costa provided us with caffeine 

A year Ambulance sirens filled the air

The mortality was too high, the despair 

A year when technology kept us connected 

And the Intensivists and Researchers perfected

Ways of keeping the sick alive 

Helping their dying lungs survive

We stuck a Bee on the Tree of Life if they made it 

We said a silent prayer for those who didn’t make it 

The tales they are aplenty

For it is the year of Twenty Twenty 

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